Window & wall films instructions

You will find a large number of tips and tricks on this webpage for the successful installation of your films.

How to measure your window film? Measuring window film/cling

Measure the size of the window glass. We advise you to subtract both 10 mm from the height and 10 mm from the width of this measurement (if you want to apply a window film/cling across the entire window/glass). This creates 5 millimeters of space between the window film/cling and the window frame. This will allow for a easy installation and a good clean durable seal for maximum longevity/durability.


  • Do NOT accept severely damaged packages. If you do (your films where damaged during shipping), we will not be able to give you a new films, free of charge. Refuse to accept the shipment and make the delivery company mark the shipment as damaged. This will allow us to directly ship you new films. If you can also make a couple of photos of the shipment, before sending it back.

How to store your films? Film storage

  • After you have received your shipment unroll the material as soon as possible.
    • Store your films flat until use. Do NOT store the material in the box until use. Unroll, store your films flat.
    • Store at room temperature, 15 to 18 degrees C, in a low humidity environment.
    • Store out of direct sunlight, not near a radiator/heat-source.
  • Always keep your film flat, so that is does not bend/fold and create unwanted creases and blemishes.
  • Install your films / vinyls within a couple of days.

Your work environment

  • Extensively clean the window/mounting-surface, the window-frame/floor/ceiling, your hands and the surrounding area, including you work environment. Clean it of durst, dirt, paint, grease, silicone, etc.. Use a window scraper to thoroughly clean the glass.
    • Also, make sure that you remove any cleaning liquids, solvents and other chemicals used during the cleaning of the mounting-surface/window glass. Extensively wash the windows with just water after cleaning them.
  • If you are applying to a wall, remove all the high spots.
  • Lock up your pets! Beware of moving/flying insects, mosquitoes, flies, spiders, etc..
  • Clean your cloths, hands and fingers before installation.
  • Watch out for your fingerprints on the window glass itself and on the back/adhesive of the window film.

How to remove the backing paper? Backing paper removal

  • The application tape is the white/yellowish/woody sticky paper on the front of your window/wall film. On the back of the window/wall film is the white backing paper (likely contains some grey texts/lines). Before removing the backing paper, card over the application tape on the front of the film, using the supplied squeegee, to better secure it to the film/vinyl itself. You can do this multiple times to increase the bonding between the two, especially if your design contains many cut-to-shape elements / texts / lettering.
    • Window cling does not have application-tape / transfer-tape.
  • Remove the backing paper very carefully/slowly as to not damage the film/vinyl itself. When the film contains cut-outs, be very careful when removing the backing paper, as to not tear the film itself, when parts remain stuck to the backing paper. Take your time, most mistakes occur here!
  • If you ordered a non-rectangular design, it will be possible that your cut-to-shape design has a border around the design. This serves 2 purposes. It keeps the application-tape/transfer-tape mounted during transport and also protects the film (during transport). And allows for easy horizontal/vertical positioning of the entire design/film. You can remove this border after installation (do not card over it with the squeegee during installation).

How to install your film? Film installation

  • Check if your surface already has a film attached. If the window/glass/mounting surface already contains a (safety, UV, sun, etc.) film (i.e., your are not applying your window film to a glass surface), you may want to use water during the application of your film(s).
  • Make sure to not install films in direct sunlight, make sure the temperature of the film/vinyl itself, the window/mounting-surface itself and the surrounding air is around 15 to 18 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is above 18 degrees we advise you to install the film during the early mornings or after sundown, when the temperature is below 18 degrees Celsius. Turn radiators that are near the window/mounting-surface off, 24 hours in advance! The higher the temperature (above 18 C) to more difficult the installation process becomes. Similarly below the 12 degrees Celsius, installation becomes more difficult.
  • Do you have multiple films? Start with the smallest film/vinyl and end with the biggest film.
  • Do you have multiple films that together make a larger film. Start in the middle/centre with the first film and work your way outward.
  • Always use the film itself, not the application tape or backing paper/film, to position your design.
  • Use the longest side of the film to position your design. So it is nicely horizontal / vertical.
  • Use 2 or more people. One person holding the top/left of the film and one person holding the bottom/right of the film to correctly position the (window) film. During installation one holds the film a couple of centimetres above the surface, while the other person cards with the squeegee, starting in the centre of the film.
  • Do not use force when using your freely supplied squeegee, especially with large air-bubbles. First use your thumb to gently remove the air bubble. You can always use a pinprick to let air escape, if your thumb doesn’t succeed.
  • Does your design contain small elements. Use your fingers to press on those elements to additionally activate the self-adhesive, after installation, before removing the transfer-tape/application-tape.

How to install your window film / cling? Window film / cling installation

  • If you are installing a window cling, or a very large window film, or a wet apply film or are very inexperienced, use water. Use a plant sprayer to add a light mist of water to the window glass (see image below). When water droplets start running on the window glass, you have applied too much water.
window film cling installation light mist of water

window film cling installation light mist of water

  • The one-way and two-way vision window film are always applied without water.
  • If your window film design contains large cut-outs they may still contain a smaller film within the cut-outs, to make application more easy. Remove these inlays directly after installation (during the removal of the transfer-tape / application-tape).

How to cut your film yourself? Cutting (window) film yourself

Use a sharp Stanley knife/boxcutter and a metal anti-slip ruler, on top of the (window) film to protect the film from cutting inward into the (window) film itself. Press firmly on the ruler. Preferably a 2 men/women job. One cutting, one holding the ruler. A safety ruler, with a anti-slip back, on top of the film works best.

How to solve issues with your film? Restoring your film

If after installation you have a problem area. Gently heat the problem area with a heatgun or infrared heater to activate the “self-healing” properties of the film. Subsequently, use your thumb to gently rub over these areas. Repeat multiple times, if necessary.

Do NOT do this for frosted / transparant / white window cling!

How to clean your film? Cleaning your film

After you have applied the film. Let it rest for at least 2 weeks. Clean the film with a sponge or soft cloth with a non-aggressive cleaning product (hand-wash, carwash, etc.). Do NOT use any sharp or hard objects during cleaning or aggressive cleaning products or solvents.

How to permanently remove your (window) film? Removing window film

Use a heat gun (or something similar, the sun, portable infrared heater) to heat the vinyl itself during removal and you should be able to pull the vinyl and the adhesive from the mounting surface (glass/window) in one go. If the adhesive from the film remains on the glass (doesn’t stick to the vinyl itself) you likely have to heat the vinyl to a higher temperature.

Window film / cling type specific information and videos.

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